Michelin Star Restaurants in Malaga

Bibo Marbella

If there is anything  that Andalusia can boast is its good weather and its gastronomy. The Costa del Sol, as one of the areas that receives more tourists, has numerous Michelin star restaurants in Malaga⭐

These restaurants, internationally famous, receive  a multitude of personalities and it is that the Costa del Sol has one of the widest offers of tourism in Spain, with more than 320 days of sunshine a year. The weather in Malaga makes it receives tourists for all kinds of markets, and gastronomy is one of the strengths where Spain always triumphs.

If you are passionate about Mediterranean cuisine you are in luck because today we give you the list and the keys to each of them.

Michelin-starred Malaga

2019 has brought many joys, there are already 10 Michelin Starred distributed among 8 restaurants! These are the Michelin-starred restaurants in Malaga:

Bibo Dani Garcia Marbella, the crown jewel:

The chef from Malaga has managed to be at the top, standing as the only restaurant in Andalusia with 3 stars. Bibo Dani García is located in the city of Marbella, specifically in the courtyard of the Puente Romano Hotel.

A casual space based on “thinking locally and cooking in global”. After achieving a triumph more than expected by the critics, the chef announced his change of  registration, closing Bibo Dani García Marbella, on November 19, to create a radically different cuisine.

Specialities include foie gras millefeuille or creamy rice with blue duck stand out. This restaurant has menus ranging from 105€ to 300€.

Bibo MarbellaSource: Bibo Dani Garcia web

El Lago Restaurant:

Located in one of the most exclusive urbanisations  of Marbella, Elviria Hills in Marbella. A Club House belonging to Greenlife Golf, which received its star in 2005.

This place offers unique views, located on the incomparable setting of a lake and a golf course. With 20 years behind it, it is undoubtedly a great reference of Andalusian gastronomy.

If it stands out, El Lago, as a Michelin star restaurant in Malaga is for a strong commitment to products of maximum proximity, thus managing to provide something different. Among its most popular dishes are vegetable ceviche with avocado or goat’s milk cheesecake with grape sorbet.

One of the most affordable star restaurants, its menus between from 55€ to 75€.

Skina Restaurant:

Designed to live a unique experience in another Michelin-starred restaurant in Malaga. Located between the narrow streets of the old town of Marbella is a small space with only 4 tables, but care to the maximum detail.

Directed by Marcos Granados, a chef who knows the importance of room service.

Skina’s specialities include dishes such as bull’s tail ravioli with coffee or a sea bass in iodized juice or strawberries, violets and black sesame.

A restaurant with menus between 110€ and 135€ per person.  Due to its reduced space is essential to reserve a table to enjoy a unique cuisine in the old case of the city of Marbella.

skina restaurantSource: Repsol Guide

Jose Carlos Garcia Restaurant:

A more than deserved Michelin Starred defined on its own page as “A menu with a look at the Malagueña culture”. Located in one of the most beautiful places in the city, the Muelle Uno, next to the sea. Its kitchens prepare food as typical as good anchovies or a delicious goat with more than innovative culinary techniques.

Its menus range from 52€ to 127€ per person. A restaurant with only 6 tables so it is essential to make a reservation in advance.

jose carlos restaurantSource: Jose Carlos Garcia web

Kabuki Raw:

Located in a unique place, considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, Finca Cortesín, in the Malaga town of Casares.

A kitchen led by chef Luis Olarra that puts on the table dishes such as Tortillas de Camarón Salvaje, Ajoblanco or Usuzukurl de toro, thus merging Japanese cuisine with Andalusian. It stands out for having the kitchen open, so you will enjoy to the maximum watching how they prepare delicious dishes.

A Michelin star restaurant in Malaga awarded in 2015 that added to the 3 that the Kabuki Group already had distributed among its different establishments.

The price of its menus is between 47€ and 140€ per person.

Sollo Restaurant:

Directed by Diego Gallegos, a Brazilian chef by birth, but from Malaga by adoption. He has managed to make a niche? For himself in Andalusian gastronomy, being known as “The Caviar Chef”.

Sollo is located in the Malaga town of Fuengirola and has managed to differentiate itself from its competition for sustainable fishing, having its own aquaponics production plant, where it breeds freshwater fish. In addition, in its facilities you can see the vegetables it cultivates and then serves in its dishes.

Known as “The Caviar Chef” offers an experience to enjoy this delicacy from 12€.

The Brazilian chef’s specialities include macaroni with trout pâté and praline or “purple chicha” ice cream.

The menus of the Sollo de Fuengirola are around 100€.

sollo restaurantSource: abc.es

Bardal Ronda:

In one of the most emblematic cities of the province, Ronda, is this restaurant that has managed to become in a short time one of the most demanded throughout the area.

The aim of the chef, Benito Gomez, has always been to capture the essence of the producers of the region through respect and authenticity.

Located within the Finca Rabadán, which manages to supply the restaurant with a large amount of horticultural, livestock, oleic and game.

Among its dishes highlights the spicy pipirrana with shrimps or blackberries with sheep’s milk and eucalyptus.

The prices of the menus of the Bardal in Ronda are between 85€ and 100€.

Messina Restaurant:

Near the Bajadilla beach in Marbella is another of the Michelin-starred restaurants in Malaga that triumphs in the province.

The main chef, Mauricio Giuvanini, through the juices of food and combining Iberian, South American and Oriental flavours has managed to stand out in a world where there is more and more competition. Although it opened its doors in 2003, it was not until 2016 when it won its first Michelin Star.

The Messina restaurant’s specialities include dishes such as veal gizzard or mashed lemon, spinach and parmesan stew.

The price of its menus is between 55€ and 90€.

Messina restaurantSource: abc.es


As you can see, most of Michelin star restaurants of Malaga are in Marbella, a city on the Costa del Sol that is a benchmark for tourism. Remember that with Marbesol you can rent your car on arrival at the airport and travel along the Malaga coasts in search of your favourite gastronomic experiences.

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10 trendiest restaurants in Malaga to visit this Christmas 2018

la calle burguer malaga

Have you ever tried the delicious hamburgers from “La Calle Burguer”? Or the exquisite tapas in the Meson de Cervantes? Choose your favourite cuisine from our list and enjoy a true gastronomic pleasure during this Christmas season in Malaga.

If someone asked us for recommendations about typical dishes and restaurants in Malaga, we would be likely to mention fried fish, sardines or gazpachuelo. The funny thing is, locals are increasingly adopting international and exotic food sorts, to feed their curiosity.

As a result, Japanese, Italian and American cuisines have emerged as the new gastronomic trends of the year, among many other food sorts. Kitchen showrooms and original vintage or retro design make the perfect package for excitingly different dishes.

The people from Malaga are also raising their culinary standards, thereby becoming more ambitious when it comes to visiting a restaurant. For those who fancy something different, we have compiled the 10 most popular restaurants in Malaga in 2018. It is worthwhile mentioning that some of them have Michelin Stars!

restaurants in malagaSource: Unsplash

The most popular restaurants in Malaga

Currently, some of the most successful gastronomic spots in Malaga are:

La Calle Burguer

“La Calle Burguer” is arguably one of the best gourmet burger restaurants in Malaga, (if not the best). Since the first restaurant opening in 2015, the chain has grown to have 9 branches across Malaga, Fuengirola and Marbella. They company is rapidly expanding and currently planning to open restaurants outside Malaga next year.

This restaurant chain is also known for its own meat cut (beef entrails burger, flank steak burger, “picaña” or ribeye burger), as well as the quality of the food. In La Calle Burguer there is no pre-cooked food: the meat comes from Spain, the bread and desserts are prepared in Velez Málaga, whereas the fries are freshly cut in the restaurant kitchen.

Although the prices are generally quite affordable, there is a special €5-offer from Monday to Wednesday that includes a burger with fries. Every day you can taste a €5-burger: on Mondays it’s a cheeseburger, on Tuesdays a rib-stewak burger and on Wednesdays the empty cheeseburger. Which prefer?

la calle burguerSource: lacalleburguer.com

Meson de Cervantes

Located in the historic center of Málaga, a few steps away from the Cervantes Theater, the Mesón de Cervantes offers a great variety of tapas allowing all guests to try a mixture of different tastes. Elaborate tapas, different sorts of wines and delicious homemade desserts deliver a genuine 5-star food experience.

As one of the restaurants that offers real Mediterranean haute-cuisine, you will always find people queueing up at the door of Meson de Cervantes. We therefore recommend booking in advance to make sure you get a place to enjoy the extensive menu.

Some interesting dishes offered by this restaurant are: iberico ham with artichokes, grilled asparagus accompanied with “porra antequerana”, fresh red tuna grilled with cauliflower or black pudding, sweet potatoes accompanied with quail egg and chimichurri sauce. Not hungry yet?

meson de cervantesSource: losmejoresrestaurantes.net

Asador Iñaki

Did you know that the best grilled octopus in Malaga can be found in Asador Iñaki (Iñaki’s Grill)? This traditional restaurant offers top quality products and ingredients, like fresh fish from the El Carmen Market in the city centre, first class meat and fresh vegetables from the Malaga region. Although it can often be overseen, it is a very popular restaurant. It is usually difficult to find a table, but if you book in advance or arrive at a good time you may be lucky!

Among its specialties, we recommend beef or ox steak, clams à la Basque and the tasty grilled octopus. Once you visit it, you will want to go back to it.

asador iñakiSource: tripadvisor.es

El Pimpi

“El Pimpi” is clearly the most legendary restaurant in Malaga, known for its fried fish and the typical sweet wine, a really appetising combination. If you want to enjoy the best local gastronomy, do not hesitate to visit it.

It lies in the historic center of Malaga, in front of the Roman Theater, in an old mansion from the 18th century, decorated with barrels signed by Spanish celebrities such as the Duchess of Alba, Picasso, Antonio Banderas, among many others.

El Pimpi is the biggest restaurant in the center of Malaga. This allows it to offer a variety of  different ambiances, from the terrace with the best views of the Alcazaba, to glamorous photographs of the celebrities whohave  visited the restaurant in the inside.

el pimpi malagaSource: visitacostadelsol.com


A restaurant from the Michelin Guide in Malaga? Yes! KGB is a tapas bar or rather a “gastrobar” located in the center of Malaga. The interesting thing about this restaurant is the original way in which Andalusian tapas are presented.

Japanese shark tataki, breaded shrimps with salted coconut, Vietnamese rolles stuffed with the traditional Andalusian “pringá” or the Campero de los Montes sandwich are some of the dishes that can be enjoyed in this incredible restaurant.

This year, KGB’s restaurant concept has been a finalist in the Hostelco Awards, which promote the best touristic actors around the world. The Marketing Club Málaga has also acknowledged the restaurant for doing the “Best Commercial Action” of the year.

kgb malagaSource: buscorestaurantes.com

Las Merchanas

Las Merchanas is a great choice to enjoy the authentic taste of Andalusian traditional cuisine, It was founded by a catholic brotherhood from Málaga. This is the reason for its rustic decoration, full of instruments, religious habits and pictures of the Holy Week in Malaga.

It is difficult to choose between all the dishes on the menu, but the flamenquines, croquettes, the montadito de pringá or the sirloin steak with mojo picón sauce are essential.

There are currently 4 Merchana restaurants in the Málaga city centre: calle Mosquera, Andrés Pérez, Noblejas and Juan de Padilla, all following the traditional cuisine, the affordable prices and good atmosphere.

las merchanas malagaFuente: TripAdvisor.com


La Alvaroteca is one of the most demanded haute cuisine restaurants in Malaga. It offers tasting menus accompanied with interesting wine combinations and signature cocktails. Chef Alvaro Vila manages to create dishes full of madness and delicious flavours.

This restaurant combines traditional cuisine with innovation, building a gastronomic concept which is full with surprises. Colour plays a central role in this restaurant, especially in the dining room, that imitates an old lunatic asylum. The second dining room of the restaurant is only suitable for Star Wars lovers (we’ll let you guess the rest).

If you are a fish lover, you are sure to like the dorada tataki with spirulina, kimchi and wasabi ice cream. If you fancy meat, the piglet on “ras el hanout” mayonnaise, candied pumpkin,, mango ice cream, sweet potato purée and salted potatoes will stimulate your appetite.

la alvarotecaSource: laopiniondemalaga.es


Sushi lovers are sure to recognise this name. However, Tiki is in fact an author restaurant of in Torremolinos that combines Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines. Tiki offers a wide range of sushi, wok, meat and fish with an exclusive wine selection, premium drinks and cocktails. And to complete the perfect package, the restaurant decoration is from Polynesian Islands.

All dishes are prepared with top quality ingredients and fresh products. A place designed to stimulate your five senses, offering an excellent value for your money. Tiki is one of the best sushi restaurants in Malaga, with top service and the biggest menu. We recommend trying the oxtail cannelloni, the tuna tartare with mango, the spicy tuna nigiri or the salmon sashimi, among others.

tiki malagaSource: TripAdvisor.com

Lo Spuntino

Fancy the real Italian thing in Malaga? Lo Spuntino is a small restaurant a few steps away from the Parque del Oeste in Malaga, offering the best fresh pasta and the pizzas in the city.

Remember to check the dishes outside the regular menu, since you will be able to find delicious surprises. Each drink is served with a tapa of dried tomatoes, spicy salami or eggplants, which can be spread on homemade bread. It is a bit spicier than expected, but still delicious.

Within the regular menu of Lo Spuntino we recommend Pizza Di Bufalla, Margherita pasta stuffed with pear, Garlic bread, Pizza Provolone and to top it off, the Chocolate Calzone. Buon appettito!

lo spuntino malagaSource: losmejoresrestaurantes.net


A restaurant where you can stimulate your senses to the fullest, through the mixture of traditional Spanish flavours with more modern techniques. Located right in the center of Malaga, Eboka provides a really exciting gastronomic experience.

The traditional ajoblanco, porra, salchichón tartare or young goat steak from Malaga are some of its star dishes, always. The Eboka team calls it “heritage kitchen”. The restaurant enjoys an extensive menu of wines (mostly from Malaga) and craft beers.

Eboka has been acknowledged this year with the “Sabor a Málaga” stamp, a brand created by the regional government to promote top-quality regional products from Malaga.

eboka restauranteSource: minube.com

Whether you fancy the traditional Spanish food or exotic cuisine from all over the world, Marbesol wishes you a delicious Christmas in the Costa del Sol!

If you want to read more about the tipping customs in Spain and other countries around the world (to avoid making a fool of yourself), read our entry about tipping ettiquette.

The best gastrobars in Málaga

Have you heard about Gastrobars? The new concept of haute cuisine.

For a few years now a new culinary concept has been heard that is still unknown to many, the Gastrobars.

Halfway between haute cuisine and the classic tapas bar, what this type of gastronomic establishment tries to do is to bring this author’s cuisine closer to a public with less purchasing power. How? With first quality products and a more elaborate plating at a much more affordable price.

Although the first emerged in Madrid and Barcelona, this concept is already expanding throughout the rest of the country. Malaga has contributed significantly to this expansion, so today we bring you the best gastrobars in the city.



Air Gastrobar

Located in a building from the beginning of the last century, this restaurant fuses traditional Mediterranean cuisine with the creativity of signature cuisine.

In your letter, you can find from “tapas” with the most unexpected ingredients to meats and fish of the best quality. You decide if you want to taste them at street level on the terrace or in your living room with views of the mountains of Málaga.

Mixtúrate Gastrobar

The gastronomic proposal of this place offers elaborated dishes of the international cuisine without forgetting the typically fried malagueñas.

His concept is as avant-garde as its location: in the neighborhood of Soho, bet on the “food that tells stories”, accompanied on numerous occasions of live music.

Gastrobar Terral

Although the first can be associated with the typical Andalusian bar, its traditional cuisine, the quality of its raw materials and the reinterpretation of its homemade recipes will not leave you indifferent.

His specialty is the Salmorejo from Cordoba, which can be paired with the wide variety of wines available on his menu.

Charlotte Gastrobar & Coffee

Undoubtedly inspired by the most modern French bistro restaurant, both in its menu and in its decoration. In it, you can enjoy breakfast and snacks to lunch and dinner.

Located in the Ciudad de la Justicia neighborhood, it makes a more modernized function of the neighborhood café without losing the quality and sophistication of the dishes of a Gastro bar. Its exquisite menu and its cozy atmosphere will surprise you.


In order to taste the excellent food of these restaurants, in Marbesol we invite you to hire our services. You can have the vehicle you want to travel and enjoy the best Malaga cuisine in season.